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Welcome to our site.
ProductsCommercial Dyers throughout history have used only those natural products that they know will give the best results. By learning from them via their recipes and recorded information we are happy to offer you our selection of fibres, yarn and cloth suitable for historical purposes or for modern day use. We started working with silk to produce embroidery threads and moved on to wool, linen and finally cotton! Our yarns are very carefully selected to give you the user the best option we can whether it is for weaving, knitting, braiding or embroidery. If you have any concerns we are happy to advise as to which is the best for your purpose.

Our website is broken up into separate pages to help you find the information you need.

Workshops and Courses gives information on how to book us to run a workshop for you on natural dyes, spinning, braiding or embroidery.

Visit the News page to see where we are going to be this year and what projects we are currently working on.
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